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Babu Lakshman Prasad Educational Institute

About College

   Babu Lakshman Prasad Educational Institute has incessantly provided better educational facilities and opportunities to the male & female scholars of Ambedkar Nagar district since 2014. We have achieved enhanced academic environment. College make available space to the students and faculties for liberal, progressive and rational thinking, which is necessary in this globalized world and for the humanitarian approach. Our faculties has produced good research work, books and participated in national, international seminars and discussions. Hope this journey to achieve best would continue in the future as well. Let me assure you that our college will provide you with the best combination of skills & knowledge to succeed in your chosen career field. Our college will equip you with the professional acumen that will help you meet the challenges of the modern industrial & service work environment. I extend my best wishes to all my students, certain that they will create their own road to success through our college.

Mission & Vission

   College support and encourage students to do best for humanity and determined to deliver excellent educational prospects. College inspire students to meet and beat the challenges often exist in society and develop the leadership quality for innovative and self-reliant ideas. This model higher academic institute is intended to nurture the academic and career accomplishment through the advancement of critical thinking, efficient communication, ingenuity, cultural awareness, comprehensibility, and affordable learning environment in the phase of information technology and digitalization.